Planning the food for the week is so easy!

With very few steps you can decide which meal plan you want. You will select from a varied list of offers from dissimilar restaurants, which you can contact to manage your order.

Kantinas List

We show you an extensive list of restaurants that offer this service around you. By focusing only on this type of sales we try to show all the options available.

Restaurant Details

The details of the restaurant show the meal plan offered by that restaurant. You can also access other details such as address, minimum number of days to order and prices per day.

Create your Order

Select your items for three or more days, place the order, sit back and relax! Kantina's selection system allows to place the order very quickly and easily. Enjoy your cooking-free week!

Enjoy your Meal Plan!

You will have instant access to your weekly meal plan thru your phone. Just pick up your order or wait for the delivery. Your food will be ready!

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